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The first involves a redesign that makes Yahoo Mail play nice with mobile web browsers, making it easier to access your email without having to download an app first. Aside from that, Yahoo is also launching a new Android Go version of its Mail app, and it seems that the only major difference is that it cuts back on RAM, data usage, and install size. Essentially, Yahoo tried to bring the browser-based inbox in line with the Yahoo Mail app as much as possible, implementing a bunch of controls found in that app. You can also customize the look of your inbox with various themes and backgrounds, and navigate through your folders using a sidebar that emulates the one from the app. Like we said, this is basically a web-based version of the existing Yahoo Mail app, and for further proof of that, you can even create a shortcut on your homescreen that takes you right to your inbox in your browser of choice.
yahoo mail free download for android

Yahoo Mail Android Go app released alongside mobile web makeover

Download There was a time when Yahoo was something similar to the owner of the Internet However, it’s still important and millions of Internet users still trust its services when it comes to browsing the web.

And amongst the latter, we have to mention its email service, Yahoo Mail, and its corresponding client for Android devices. Email app compatible with other providers One of the most positive aspects about Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized, amongst many other functions, is that it’s not only compatible with Yahoo accounts but also with Gmail, AOL, and Microsoft Outlook.

In other words, with this client, you’re going to be able to manage all your the email accounts you use both in your personal and professional life. For such purpose, you’ll only need to log in with a single password. Yahoo’s email app has an excellent design and offers a terabyte of online storage space. In any case, it’s not the only noteworthy feature that you’ll find in this app with a design and an interface that have been simplified to the max.

These are the most important features of this app: Log in to any of your accounts without requiring a Yahoo account. Fully configurable swipe functions to delete, file, and move emails. Configure notifications to receive them only when the emails are from contacts and not business or news communications. Search quickly amongst your messages, contacts, files, and pictures. Insert into your messages live photos and wallpapers designed by artists from Paperless Post.

Add several attachments at the same time to your messages such as videos and documents. Over 1, GB of storage space. Configure your inbox with different themes, wallpapers, and text colors. Once you download its APK you’ll also see that you’ll be able to use it in different languages. There are also versions for iPhone and a desktop edition for Windows PC just in case you have to check your email from different devices.

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I have been using a number of mail apps, gmail, mail, outlook with office and yahoo mail. Gmail is confusing and I never really liked it. Mail is nice for the IOS integration but basic. Outlook has been my go to power mail app because of the exchange integration, but there are things about yahoo mail I like better than outlook. I can easily create sub folders in yahoo mail.

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See below. Only 1, characters allowed here. Summary I have finally reached the end of my tether with Yahoo Mail.

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