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After installing AVG PC Tune Up, Tune Up will scan your computer for registry errors, junk files, un-optimize settings, fragmented files on your hard drives, defrag your registry, and after the scan, it will repair your computer, so it works at its best speed and settings. PC Tune Up user interface is very easy to use, and you just use your mouse to click on buttons, and no typing is required to do any tasks. Its user interface is organize in tabs to make finding tasks to do simple, and fast by just reading the tabs, and clicking on the tab you want to use to perform a task like gaining back space on your hard drive, making your computer faster, fixing a problem, and changing the way Windows look visually. At the bottom of the main tab, you can turn on Turbo Mode, Economy Battery saving mode, and see a line graph which will get fuller as you fix problems, turn on turbo, disable startup programs, and deactivate programs in Windows with PC Tune Up.
remove avg pc tuneup 2013

Comparison of TuneUp Utilities & AVG PC TuneUp

Tweet Every PC user would like their system to run a little faster, but making that happen yourself usually requires time, effort, and a detailed low-level knowledge of how Windows really works. Of course there are plenty of PC maintenance suites promising much the same thing, some of which are even available for free. Is there enough power here to really speed up your PC, though? We decided to put the program to the test. Interface After a straightforward installation, AVG PC TuneUp immediately launched its 1-Click Maintenance tool, which quickly checked for Registry problems, broken shortcuts, surplus temporary files, startup and shutdown problems, and so on.

The report appears within a couple of minutes, and you can then fix any issues with a click. This is conventional enough, but a little cluttered, and not the easiest to follow. Additional one-click options can disable hibernation, Windows search indexing and so on, saving a little more.

Of course there are also a couple of options here to help control your Windows startup programs. The program can make specific recommendations, which generally include good advice, for example suggesting that you run Google Update as a scheduled task, rather than every time your system starts. Meanwhile a second option displays all your startup programs, highlighting those it believes are unnecessary. Startup programs can be disabled at a click, but conveniently they remain on the list.

If you have problems, you can come back a week later and re-enable anything you like. Elsewhere a capable Registry Cleaner quickly scans your system to highlight problems, allowing you to view these in detail and delete them in a click.

And even if, like us, you think that Registry cleaning does little of value, you should still appreciate the Registry Editor, launched via the toolbar. But the program remains installed, so if you ever want to launch it again, just choose an Office component from your Startup menu, and PC TuneUp will step in, re-enable it, and start the program for you. We turned off Microsoft Office and freed up valuable resources; but when we relaunched Outlook later, it started only maybe 3 or 4 seconds slower than usual, and worked perfectly: The impact of this will obviously vary, depending on your software and how you use it.

But if your system is packed with programs which you use only very occasionally, the Deactivator will help reduce their resource impact without the hassle of uninstalling them. Live Optimization, for instance, sees the suite monitor your running applications, adjusting process priorities to ensure everyone gets a fair share of resources.

This idea can be useful in some situations, although we saw no major benefit from it. Turbo Mode is more useful. Alternatively, switching to Economy Mode will save energy by turning off your screen and hard drive when your system is idle, switching your CPU and wireless adapter to their maximum energy-saving mode, disabling unwanted services, and more. This delivers little benefit over using Windows own power plans. The PC TuneUp technology is easier to set up and configure, though.

The Customize Windows tab provides so many tweaking options that it could qualify as a separate application, all on its own. There are options to customise your desktop, taskbar, Start menu, mouse, security, visual effects and more. While TuneUp Styler allows you to change your logon screen, visual style, system icons and more. And just about every change you make, wherever it may be in the package, are recorded in the TuneUp Rescue Centre. But what can all this power achieve?

To find out, we installed the program on an average Windows 7 PC; it was moderately optimized already, but nothing too intensive, so there was plenty of scope for improvement. Then we ran the 1-Click optimiser, and accepted all its recommendations. We cleaned up the hard drive to the maximum, defragged, sorted out all the systems problems, and used the Program Deactivator to disable some of the most heavy-duty installed applications.

Boot time fell by around 13 percent. Applications started notably faster. Firefox launch time dropped from 2. Giving PC TuneUp full rein on an entirely unoptimised system would probably deliver even better results. And of course the suite offers many benefits unrelated to raw performance, like the improved Registry editor and Windows tweaking tool. You may be able to achieve something similar by using other PC optimisation tools, of course, many of which are available for free.

The various modules have real depth to them, there’s some functionality you won’t find in the competition, and while as with all similar tools you need to use the suite with care, it really can deliver a worthwhile speed boost to most systems.

Give it a try, see what the program can do for you. We Like: Intelligent advice on disabling startup programs, Disk Analyzer helps to locate space-hogging files, Program Deactivator, easy-to-activate Turbo and Economy modes, excellent Registry editor, handy System Information tool, useful Windows tweaking tool, easily customises the look of Windows, Rescue Centre lets you undo changes.

We Don’t Like: Interface can sometimes feel a little cluttered, no Duplicate File Finder, no “complete uninstall” tool, very slow defrag tool, recommends running some startup programs as a scheduled task but offers no assistance this should be automated.

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Also, we request you to uninstall Tuneup Utilities from control panel To continue using this, we have introduced AVG PC TuneUp which. Jeff, Please try removing your AVG PC Tune Up using the AVG PC Tune problem occurs on documents from either Office or when. AVG Clear deletes all files associated with your AVG product, including registry items, installation files, and user files. Only use this if your AVG uninstall or repair .

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It can help you remove junk files, uninstall unwanted programs from your computer and defragment the hard drive so as to improve your computer performance. However, it is not a free program, you can install it from the official website and use it during the trail period. If you want to uninstall it rightly, you can follow this article which provides some useful methods for you to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp This program claims that it can help you clean your system, fix computer problems, improve computer stability, extend battery life, free up hard drive space and it can generally make your computer maintaining a peak performance. Some users complain that this program is hard to uninstall completely, now you can successfully remove AVG PC TuneUp according to the following methods.

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However, these applications differ in the details. The version of Utilities includes the hard drive-cleaning TuneUp Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner , which clears data traces from 25 different types of browsers.

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Jeff, Please try removing your AVG PC Tune Up using the AVG PC Tune problem occurs on documents from either Office or when. Also, we request you to uninstall Tuneup Utilities from control panel To continue using this, we have introduced AVG PC TuneUp which. Avg Pc Tuneup Pro Free Download Full Version. 2/24/ Remove and pc issues and errors with AVG PC Tuneup setup.

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