Q Lab 4

Q Lab 4

Audio playback[ edit ] QLab allows an end-user or designer to align audio files in a sequential order. Once the audio files are inserted into the cue list, the end-user can then manipulate it by looping it, changing the amplitude or volume, and adding fades in or out. Audio cues can also be placed into groups, so that multiple files can be triggered at one moment.
q lab 4

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Q Lab 4

Create unlimited light instruments like channels, but can be named anything, not just numbers. Create unlimited light groups to collect related instruments together, like “all”, “stage right”, “LEDs”, “floor”, or “floor front left”. Use both conventional dimmers and more complex lights with multiple parameters includes support for percentage-based parameters, as well as both 8-bit and bit direct DMX parameters. QLab-style levels fading: A Light cue changes only the levels you set in the cue, and leaves the rest unchanged.

As with all cues in QLab, Light cues can be copied, pasted, reordered, paused, resumed, and stopped at any time All QLab fade curves are available for Light cues; including linear, s-curve, or totally custom shape fades. See and manipulate the current levels of all your lights using the Light Dashboard. If you need to sneak in live edits from the Dashboard, you can optionally tell QLab to apply the new values “over time” so they’ll fade in smoothly. Close the Audition Window, and the dashboard will instantly revert back to show the live state of your lights.

Adjust your lights in the dashboard, then: Create a new cue with just the changes, Create a new cue with all instruments, Update the last-run light cue with the changes, or Trace back the edits to each cue that most recently modified each instrument.

Map your favorite MIDI controller to light commands, for editing either the light dashboard or individual cues. View light cues as sliders, tiles, or raw command text at any time. View the Light Dashboard as sliders or tiles. Edit lights via keyboard entry on the command line or with the mouse via clicking and dragging. Easily delete individual light commands from any cue, and of course undo any edits. In slider view, expand group commands into all the individual instruments currently in the group.

In slider view, indicators show the current live value of each light in a cue. Quickly see when a group of instruments is set to all the same level or a mix of different levels.

Batch-edit multiple light cues by selecting them and then simply editing any light command they all share. Or adding a new command to all of them at once. Use AppleScript, either externally or via Script cues, for advanced programming techniques like algorithmically generating a series of Light cues.


QLab Download Archive. QLab 4. Version, Release Notes, Date. QLab 3. QLab® runs shows of all sizes, all over the world. From intimate storefront. You can also see which features are associated with each type of license. → .

QLab 4 Workshop

Documentation What is QLab? From intimate storefront theaters to televised events reaching billions of people across the globe, QLab is the tool designers trust to make their live shows come to life. Flexible, reliable, and easy to learn, QLab is the industry standard for a reason. What does QLab do?

Jeromy Hopgood – Design for the Entertainment Industry

Program Information Program Overview QLab 4 makes it simple to create rich multimedia designs for live performances and installations. The software is used from Broadway to the West End, in churches, museums, store fronts, concert halls, and theatres around the world. Figure 53 team members Sam Kusnetz sound and projection designer and Christopher Cahoon developer will give a complete tour of QLab 4, demonstrating its capabilities and discussing techniques and concepts for both designers and programmers.

VIDEO REVIEW: Excerpt From QLab 4: Projects In Video, Audio, & Lighting Control | Live Design

QLab 4 has arrived. With QLab you can batch-edit audio levels, integrate with the Soundscape Signal Engine from d&b audiotechnik, breeze through. Q-Panel Selector. For over 50 years, Q-PANEL steel and aluminum test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a uniform and consistent test. QLab® runs shows of all sizes, all over the world. From intimate storefront.

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Q Lab 4

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